European Directive 2007/46 / EC sets out the regulatory framework, in particular for the approval of motor vehicles and their trailers, and requires all trailers put into service from 29 October 2012 to be homologated. European type-approval (or EC vehicle type-approval) is the act whereby a Member State of the European Union certifies that a type of vehicle, system or equipment satisfies administrative provisions and technical requirements. The Certificate of Conformity (COC), as the name suggests, attests to the conformity of a vehicle with European standards and directives. This document is drawn up by the manufacturer when a new vehicle leaves the factory. It contains all the information and particulars of the vehicle:

  • The name of the manufacturer.
  • The chassis number, of which the first three characters are the WMI code, a unique code of the respective manufacturer.
  • The specific approval number.
  • The technical characteristics of the vehicle.

Le Grand Foodtrailers is an accredited trailer manufacturer. All our models are approved and meet the standards. Le Grand Foodtrailers provides you with the Certificate of Conformity.