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FAQ Le Grand FoodTrailers

We are partners in your business venture: ask your questions, we answer them.

How to set up a catering trailer?
There is no standard solution.

Our trailers are unique, just like you and just like your project.
Each project therefore begins with an assessment.

At Le Grand FoodTrailers, we ask you the right questions before giving you the right advice. Questions such as:




The driving licence and the towing vehicle;

How many people will you work with;

And how do you see that;

Have you thought about rotation;

How many servings do you actually want to be able to sell;

Do you need gas;

Do you prefer electric;

What about refrigeration, does it always work to keep the ingredients fresh.

By choosing Le Grand FoodTrailers, you are choosing a partner for your project. Whether you opt for a ready-to-roll solution or a partially equipped trailer, you know exactly where you stand with Le Grand FoodTrailers. You will be perfectly prepared for a prosperous future in street vending.

There is no standard solution.

Just you.

1. Compliance and Certification

What is Homologation and COC?

Le Grand FoodTrailers SARL is a recognised manufacturer in the EU For you, this means that our food truck trailers are delivered to you duly approved, accompanied by our own certificate of conformity to the European type approval of the brand “Le Grand FoodTrailers”. This ensures that our trailers can be registered trouble-free anywhere in the EU.
The Certificate of Conformity (COC) is a document that proves that the vehicle type produced at the time of production meets all the necessary technical requirements, as documented in the corresponding type approval. A catering trailer legally requires the (correct) approval for the EU, i.e. RESP Store in France (or equivalent in European countries).

2. Licence and Weight

What are the rules regarding driver’s licences and towing a trailer?

The rules are the same across Europe. The important weight is not necessarily the curb weight, but the authorized weight of the trailer. You can use a car:

  • To tow a trailer with a maximum authorized weight of 750 kg (unladen weight + loading capacity);
  • Towing a trailer with a maximum permissible weight of more than 750 kg if the car and trailer together do not exceed 3,500 kg (unladen weight + loading capacity).

What does this mean for Le Grand FoodTrailers?

Le Grand FoodTrailers trailers have a maximum permissible weight of between 750 and 1800 kg. With most cars, you can tow our trailers with your ordinary category B driving licence (or possibly the B96 driving licence in the EU).
Ask our specialists to calculate it for you. Please keep in mind the maximum mass your vehicle can tow.

3. Guarantee

What is your warranty policy?

All our food trailers come with a 24-month warranty on the entire trailer.

Warranty on equipment.

Installed equipment come with a warranty as specified by the equipment supplier.

How does the warranty work?

If there is a problem with your trailer, we will work together to determine the fastest way to fix the problem. We often try to solve it locally for you so you can get back to work as soon as possible.

4. Deliveries

How will my trailer be delivered?

We will discuss delivery options of your purchase in advance: whether you pick up the trailer from one of our dealers or if it is shipped directly to you.

5. Energy and Autonomy

What are the differences between gas and electricity?

Your trailer must be connected to an energy source: electricity (current 230V and / or 380/400V three-phase) and/or gas. It all depends on the equipment required and chosen.

The feed power determines the maximum amount of equipment you can use simultaneously in the trailer. Each individual device is designed for 1 of these 3 energy sources.

The food trailer requires an electrical connection at all times, either from the mains or the generator; for example for cooling, lighting, extractor hood, your phone charger and some equipment.

In addition, most powerful equipment (usually anything that gets very hot, such as a plancha and deep fryer) requires a three-phase power supply or gas connection.

Depending on the country, a combination of 2 energy sources is usually chosen. During the acquisition process, together we determine in detail what your specific situation is and what exactly you need.

6. Maintenance

Where can I find information about the maintenance of my Le Grand FoodTrailers catering trailer?

Please contact us at info@legrandfoodtrailers.com. Provide us with your VIN / chassis number.